[Spotlight Brand] - Fly By Design

Humans are creative and imaginative by nature. Designs, pictures, colours, and words are constantly flowing through our minds. For the aspiring artist, inspiration can come from a multitude of places. No wonder, then, that there is business case for bringing these creative thoughts into life. 


Our very own Stoo-ie (@Stoo_ie) teamed up with FBD Clothing for a location photoshoot overlooking the city. The photos feature model Luna X, check out her instagram @lunaxtremex.

Mississauga's Fly By Design is there to help breathe life into the creations of the everyday artist. Sheldon Halstead, owner and CEO of Fly By Design, has created a brand that is not only defined by his company's own creations under the FBD Clothing brand, but by those of the greater public as well. Recently opening a store in Malton, Mississauga, the FBD shop serves as a physical brick and mortar rendezvous for creative customers to paint out their imagination for the Fly By Design team to print out on their favourite article of clothing. Whether it is a small logo on a simple T-Shirt, or a complex abstract design on the back of a hoodie, Fly By Design has all the resources and expertise to get it done on the spot!

Fly By Design's services are also bridge for other local brands to get their name out there. In fact, FBD has printed some of our own custom clothing and we couldn't be happier with the results. 


Remember, You are only limited by your imagination! Don't be afraid stop in with any designs, ideas, questions, or concerns. The wonderful FBD team will more than gladly help you. Store hours are below, and you can contact them via

Email: shop@flybydesign.ca
Phone: (647) 302-8058