[Spotlight Artist] Mathew Murray (Filmmaker)

Stretching off the shore of Lake Ontario with a population of just over 700,000 residents, Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest city. Hollywood has always been attracted to filming in Canada due to the power of the American dollar. With the influx of productions being made in Canada, the city of Mississauga has seen its fair share of fame on the big screen. Now the new local emerging filmmakers are adding their perspective to pop culture!

Born under the Gemini zodiac sign, Mathew Murray is a 22 year old filmmaker and creator of the award winning webseries “Teenagers.” Mathew first discovered his passion for film in high school where he started making amateur projects that he would upload to youtube and share with his family and friends. After high school, Mathew attended York University where he studied film. This is where he developed the necessary skills and gained the social network needed to manifest his brainchild we all know as “Teenagers”

Teenagers is a web series that tells the teenage story from an honest perspective. With each episode lasting only 8-10mins, Teenagers manages to capture the crazy lives that Teenagers experience as they come to grips with becoming an adult. The exceptional talent for the show features actors and actresses from the popular Canadian television show Degrassi including Chloe Rose, Raymond Ablack, and Daniel Kelly. With over 17,000 subscribers and over 5 million combined views, Teenagers seems to have struck a chord with an audience across the globe. The series has won the award for Outstanding Drama Series 2 consecutive years in 2014 & 2015 at the Los Angeles Web Film Festival. Teenagers was also chosen as the winner of best screenplay at the 2016 Vancouver Web Festival. It is clear Mathew’s work is well received abroad and in his hometown alike. The Mississauga arts council recently gave Mathew the award for Best Emerging Media Artist at the 2016 MARTY Awards.

Despite the new praise and attention Mathew is getting, it seems he is remaining quite humble after all his achievements. He is currently writing season three of Teenagers which is guaranteed to be more exciting than the last!

Rising star Mathew Murray continues to set the tone for what budding filmmakers should aspire to. The sheer talent, charisma, and dedication that he brings to the film industry is second to none in the 905. Mathew Murray is definitely one to look out for in the coming future, however it seems that with this much talent and exposure that he is getting, we won’t have to look hard for him.