[Event Review] Motus : Episode 1


Jai Marshin (left) and King Zargo (right) representing KarmaClub at Motus episode 1

Ending off the weekend on an amazing note, Sunday night was the first episode of Motus. This event was showcased at Spot 1 Grill & Music Hall and presented by Route21 productions.

As one of the most buzzing events that are happening in Brampton, we saw it fitting to drop by and show our support for the emerging artists coming out of the 905. The line-up consisted of Brampton natives, Cheech, Cloud Wilson, Trill Tricke, Ricky Zae, Karma Club and Bryan Ghee along with Milton natives Rich Rolling Rebels. You may recognize some of the names in past performances at our own events (Lakeview Fridays). 

The performances really brought a great energy on stage and electrified the crowd. While the stage had a plethora of lights, those that were shining on the front centre of the stage did bring a tempting invitation for those in attendance step up. That being said, that only made it easier for these artist to step off stage and join the crowd as they chanted their songs together. 

Overall, Motus: Episode 1 was a great experience. The sheer talent packed into one night really shined through the amazing performances. The crowd was turnt up to the max, especially considering it was a Sunday and most people have work the next morning. The local support that turned out for the night was amazing to say the least. Toronto (and the surrounding area) is known as the "screwface" capital for a reason, so it was uplifting to see all the support. 

Join us in raising awareness for our local talent and listen to their work by listening/sharing their Soundcloud pages:

Karma Club : - Jai Marshin, https://soundcloud.com/jaimarshin

King Zargo https://soundcloud.com/kingjzargo

Rich Rolling Rebels: https://soundcloud.com/richrollingrebels

Trill Trickee: https://soundcloud.com/itgetstricke

Ricky Zae: https://soundcloud.com/yung_june-1

Bryan Ghee: - https://soundcloud.com/ryanhee