[Event Review] Cabana : Grand Opening

April 21st marked the Grand Opening of Cabana Restaurant & Lounge. The free buffet, good music and good vibes will definitely set the tone for this establishment.

The venue is equipped with a full stage, a perfect lighting set up and a booming sound system. The spacious layout of the lounge makes it ideal for any occasion. The newly built booths are styled as cabanas and add a great flair to the atmosphere. 

Sally Becassar (left) is the young business-owner of Cabana. She has put her blood, sweat and tears into making Cabana as amazing as it is. 

Tastes in food and music are very diverse throughout the city. Cabana offers a great selection of food items on their menu and amazing songs that will definitely get your body moving. You can go from enjoying their fine Jerk Chicken Poutine, to vibing out to some great music. Mixing fine Caribbean cuisine and good music simultaneously, it makes this the ideal place for you to be able to get an overall great taste of a new style of Mississauga’s nightlife.

Sally has already extended her support to the community through various outreach initiatives. Cabana is a supporting food sponsor for one of the major Mississauga rebel week events. The event is called Rebel HUB.

If you’re looking for a place that offers mouth watering food, hypnotic sounds and positive vibes, take a trip to Cabana!