[Interview] Apollo P with TOBi

Recently, Apollo P got the opportunity to attend an event called "Winter Interlude" which was put on by student group at Ryerson University. The show was filled with talented artists from the city like Adria Kane, M.I Blue, Osei The Native and Hazel to name a few. Apollo got the chance to speak with TOBi briefly before he went on stage to preform for the sold out crowd. 


TOBi is an artist who hails from Brampton, Ontario. He has been rapping since Highschool under a stage name that shall not be named (Tech Rymes). While TOBi went off to post-secondary school to pursue degree, he soon realized that the image that he was putting out was not of his own. After he graduated from school, he sought to change his name and rebrand himself as TOBi. TOBi is his real name and through this name, he was able to come into himself. Most recently, TOBi has dropped what seems to be his most receptive project to date titled F.Y.I. This project not only put him back in the conversation, but it got him on the artist to watch list.