[News] MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program Launches

Mississauga has long been recognized for it’s fairly modern and logical city bus system, MiWay. Though in recent years, the cost of public transportation in Mississauga has steadily increased to today’s $3.50 cash fare, or $130 for a monthly Presto Pass. For some low-income commuters though, the cost of transportation could be too much. This is why MiWay has just launched the “MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program” to help with monthly transportation costs to low-income commuters.


            The MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program is open to all residents that earn less than $19,930 per year. If eligible, the program offers a subsidy of 50% of the $130 monthly presto pass, which would make it $65. Applications will be accepted only until August 31, 2016 and there will only be 2,500 participants of the program. There will also be a report generated in 2017 on the lessons learned from the pilot program.