[Interview] GrahmzKornerTV with Monte Biggz

Graham is a college student from Hamilton who runs a youtube channel called GrahmzKornerTV (GKTV). He produces exclusive hip hop content from the GT-HA (Greater Toronto Hamilton Area), ranging from short-documentaries, video interviews, rants and recaps of events. Graham attended our most recent event, Tsunami, and interviewed Brampton rapper Monte Biggz. Tsunami is an internet radio-show aired on our website, broadcasted live from Cabana Restaurant & Lounge on the last Friday of every month. In this interview, Monte updates us on what he has in-store next in his music career. Check out the video below to learn more about Monte Biggz.

[Music] Five.Unlucky.City.Kids - $$CHA$E

Native Mississauga collective, Five.Unlucku.City.Kids, just dropped a brand new EP: $$CHA$E (Money Money Chase). Adding to their care free living sound, the EP gives you a fluid listening experience. Mixing in their highly drug inspired lyrics, the overall sound of this EP blends a variety of elements from genres in different era’s. 80’s pop music synthesizers, early 90’s grunge rhythm guitars and mid 2000’s auto tune all mixed into the new wave of trap music. Take your first listen, get lost, chase the hype and let us now how you feel about it!

Written by: Dego P.

[Video] Monte Biggz - Power

Local Brampton artist Monté Biggz released his new video for "Power", based in the Mississauga Monroe towers. The video was directed by Wade Zuckerberg, while being shot and edited by WestWoodImagery, showing various scenes of a life most would dream of; Money, fame, and loyalty. Rightfully named, this track speaks about the come-up, as well as the power Biggz has and intends to keep when it comes to his art. Listening to this song, you will realize that Biggz' aim is to grow upon the power and influence he already has, while repping and encouraging his city to do the same.

Written by: A. Solstice

[Music] Derin Falana - N64

Derin Falana invites you to play on his newest Track “N64”. The Brampton native delivers a new sound and vibe just in time for the summer. The nostalgic synth sets the tone for a quick transition that will get you head banging in a heartbeat. Let us know how hyped you felt after your first listen!

Written by Dego P.

[Music] Saudin - Before I Met You

Twenty-five year old AJ Saudin released his debut album “Before I Met You” back in April. It wasn’t until a week ago that I found it. Having known him for his role as Conner in Canadian TV series Degrassi it grabbed my interest to know what he was doing in terms of music. This album marks a new chapter in the career of Saudin. Thanks to Spotify, I was able to listen to the whole thing from start to finish. The melodies and rhythms seemed all too familiar. If there’s any track on that album that deserves the most attention, “She Work” featuring Ye Ali is a summer anthem smooth like butter and riddled with great rhythm. Blast it in the car while you’re ripping down the highway on your way home from the club. You’ll see what I’m talking about. If that doesn’t cut it for you, give “Passenger” a listen. The mood is a guaranteed lift for anyone from the 905. Saudin’s sense of rhythm and time are flawless. He doesn’t just sit back in his glory and reminisce the days of his acting career. He makes it a point to come back with a kick.

We'd love to know what you think of Saudin's album. Let us know if you think he should stick to his acting career or if his new album Before I Met You was a smashing success to your ears. Leave a comment below. Afterall, behind every great musician is a mass of fans that understand his voice and his soundwq

Written by. Rebecca Hariprashad