About Us

Live From the 905 is a Mississauga based brand with the vision of curating the most desirable nightlife experiences within the 905. Established in 2014 by 905 native Conroy Stewart popularly known as Stoo-ie “the brand was created in order build something that young people can look forward to in our city.”

Since its establishment in 2014 Live From the 905 has hosted dynamic mix of art exhibits and live music events exclusively in the 905. These events create a unique appeal to nightlife scene that incorporates food, music, fashion, art and recreational activities. Through these events as well as by keeping people in the loop about other activities in the city, it is  our goal to reduce the hassle of commuting downtown in order to have an enjoyable night out on the town.

We focus on utilizing all available resources when creating memorable events for all local talents and homegrown businesses. Giving them a versatile platform in which they can raise awareness for all local offerings. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events or would like us promote you, contact us today.